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The MISS Foundation Online Support Group Forums host online support group boards and have been online, moderated 24/7, offering safe and sacred space for grieving families for more than a decade!  The forums are led by a team of administrators along with a full team of moderators.  All of them are bereaved family members who have been trained to offer support.  The Forums have more than 4,000 members from around the world, and our boards cover a variety of topics like general grief support, a grieving dad's board, grandparent's board, siblings board, creative arts board, subsequent pregnancy after a loss board, and more.  

All members must apply for registration, and you will be greeted within 72 hours by one of our team members.  

This is not an anonymous, free for all, but rather a safe, moderated, and personal space.  

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Online Support Group Forum Boards


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Important Information and Additional MISS Support Resources

Information and Resources - A board providing additional support resources for members' and their families; with information and links to one-on-one and group support, family member resources, important news, additional forum help, and more.

MISS Foundation Online Support Groups- General

Main Parental Bereavement Board - A general bereavement board for those who have experienced the death of a child of any age, due to any cause. This is a place to safely share feelings about your child's death and grief issues surrounding their death. This board is frequented by the newly bereaved, so please be sensitive to others' feelings when posting here.
Mourning for Miscarriage - A board for parents who have experienced the death of a baby or babies through singular or recurrent miscarriage. A place to acknowledge the grief and pain associated with early pregnancy death.
Grieveing the Death of a Baby - A board for parents who have experiened a perinatal (during pregnancy), neonatal (shortly after birth), or infant death. A place to share the lost dreams, memories, and love, for their precious little one.
Toddler and Young Child Death - A board for parents who have experienced the death of a toddler or young child. A place to share the dynamics of coping with the changes and loss of the presence of an older child in the home; to share the memories of the pitter-patter of little feet, and of shared love, always MISSed.
For Parents Who Have Lost a Teen or Adult Child - A board for parents of teen or older children who have died from any cause. A place where parents can share their joys and memories; as well as the grief, pain, and changes in lifestyle caused by their child’s death. 
Fatal Diagnosis During the Perinatal Period - A board for families to discuss the death or impending death, of a much loved child with fatal anomalies. A place to express concerns, feelings, and anxieties without judgment; just sharing and supporting. This board supports both parents who choose or chose to terminate their pregnancies for medical reasons, and those who choose or chose to carry to term.
Dad's Place - A board for fathers who have experienced the death of a child of any age, due to any cause. A place to safely share grief with others within our MISS community.
Situational Families - A board for single or divorced parents, situational families, and parents who have lost their only child or children. A safe place to share grief, fears, and to provide support for one another, with the knowledge that the love of a parent transcends death.
AGAST: Alliance of Grandparents - A board for grandparents who have experienced the death of a grandchild. A place to share feelings, and to support one another, while supporting their grieving children, and mourning the loss of a precious grandchild.

In their Memory

Memorial Posts and Letters to our Children - A board to post special dates, memorials, and letter to the children who lived, died, and who even in death, continue to matter.

Seasoned Grief Online Support Group

Continuing Bonds - A board for those further along in their grief journey. A place to share accomplishments, milestones, re!ections, sorrows, joys, and laughter. This is a place of hope, that explores the continuation of the eternal bond between parent and child, and also recognizes that grief becomes an integral part of who we are.

Infertility Online Support Group

The Infertility Struggle/Permanent Infertility - A board for those having difficulty conceiving or carrying a full-term pregnancy, for those who are trying to conceive (TTC) via natural, in-vitro fertilization (IVF), or other reproductive technologies, and for those who are unable to conceive at any future time. A place for women and men to share the sadness, helplessness, and frustration that adds another dimension to grief, after the death of a child.

Creative Online Support Groups

Creation Station - A board for exploring creativity and grief. Prompts and ideas to inspire writing, art-making, meditations, and more. A safe space for discussing familial or cultural death and memorial rituals, for sharing what you create in response to prompts, and what grief issues arise while creatively exploring.

Pregnancy, Adoption, Parenting, and Breastfeeding Support Groups

Subsequent Pregnancy Board - A board for those who already have, are planning a subsequent child, or who are currently pregnant. A safe place to address subsequent child grief issues; the bittersweetness, fear, and joy, and for support for the subsequent pregnancy.
Parenting, Breastfeeding, and Parenting a Subsequent Child - A board for all types of child-raising issues; from teething and potty training, to breastfeeding support, to helping surviving grieving children. Share questions, stories, and concerns about parenting living or subsequent children, after the death of a child.
Adopting a Child - A board for those considering, or in the process of, adoption after the death of their child or children; for sharing the adoption journey, success stories, and subsequent adoptions.

Spiritually Focused Online Support Groups

Beliefs and Discussions - A multi-cultural board for sharing what has helped you, what you are troubled by, and to explore the healing possibilities. This is a highly sensitive area. Please use discretion when providing spiritual or faith based advice, and do not use this board to "convert" or convince others.
Prayer Requests and Daily Inspirations Board - A board to post prayer requests and inspiring religious or spiritual thoughts.

Spanish Speaking Board

En nuestro idioma - Un foro para familias hispanoparlantes. Un lugar seguro en donde compartir nuestros sentimientos, emociones y experiencias tras la muerte de un hijo, de cualquier edad y por cualquier causa. Recordando juntos, vivirán por siempre...


Children’s Group

Kids in Sympathy & Support - A board for kids of all ages. A safe place to share feelings, stories, pictures, drawings, and struggles with grief after a beloved sibling has died.

MISS Legislative Info/Stillbirth Laws & Legislation

Public Policy: The MISSing Angels Bill/ Action Alerts by State - In 1999 MISS Foundation CEO and Founder, Dr. Joanne Cacciatore, assembled a team in Arizona to address the way that stillbirths are regarded in public policy.


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